CleanCenter 1.9

Remove unnecessary clutter from your hard drive


  • Very fast without many prompts
  • Allows you to exclude many files


  • Only cleans up to 60 different types of files
  • Interface very basic

Not bad

Clean Centre is an all-round cleaner for your hard drive to ensure that your system is not bogged down by malicious files or strange system problems caused by registry errors.

It can detect over 60 types of junk files (which doesn't sound a lot considering how many there must be out there) and allows you to delete them in 3 simple steps. Unfortunately, you can't help getting this feeling that this is a slightly "cheap" program because the interface looks really basic and shoddily put together. It is at least very easy to use and allows you to select those cookies or sites that you'd like to treat as exceptions. In fact, it's highly customisable allowing you make exceptions of such aspects as your Temp folder, Recycle Bin and even your registry. After cleaning, you're presented with a list of files that have been cleaned or removed from your system although you're not given a chance to say whether you definitely want them removing which is a bit annoying. However, at the same time, it does the job a lot quicker than programs that are constantly bothering you with prompts about whether you are sure and if you want to continue etc.

Overall, this is not the best cleaning package I've ever used but at the same time, at least it's quick and easy.



CleanCenter 1.9

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